Roofing assessment

Québec is subject to various climate changes. From  frost and thaw to heat waves, these climate conditions can damage and or reveal major roofing dysfunctions. A roofing assessment consists of the analysis of the various components which form the roof and its waterproofing system, namely:

  • Type of finish (membrane, steel, asphalt shingles, metal roof, etc);
  • Flashings: a waterproofing element placed on the surface or incorporated into the construction;
  • Eavestroughing: aluminum ducts or gutters placed along roof extremities to evacuate rainfall water.
  • The soffits: installed below the roofing edge extensions, they provide the ventilation necessary to prevent degradation of the rafters and roof structure.
  • Roof ventilators: these mechanical devices provide ventilation to the roofing and attic space to allow for the hot and humid air to be rejected outside.
  • Insulation: in order to conserve heat in the wintertime and promote energy efficiency, the attic or ventilated space must be isolated with products that adhere to energy efficiency regulations.